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Creative development resources

Often times as a developer you feel the need for some beautiful images or illustrations to enhance your UI and give it some personality.

From my experience I can tell that creating your own can be really challenging. I am fine with creating simple SVGs with Inkscape, but that is pretty much it. Everything more than that usually lets me struggle quite a bit.

Luckily some kind people on this planet create images, illustrations and designs that are free to use and a lot do not even require attribution of any kind.

Following lists will give you an overview of resources I usually use for my projects. I ranked them to my personal priorities.

Images / Stock photos

Beautiful photos for your blog posts or website images.


Give your UI some love and personality with illustrations.


To improve your UIs give them some additional context with icons.

Please always make sure that you are allowed to use the above mentioned resources for your use case.

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